“There is something really extra special about the Higher Self Activation session I experienced with you that is powerful and palpable. It feels exciting and BIG. This work feels like a BIG deal. Like big for you and big for those who receive. Yay!
For me, it allowed me to really FEEL and connect with my true self on a deeper level than I was allowing when doing higher self work on my own. It connected me more to the infinite amount of divine love I can experience for myself and for others. It provided a deeper sense of trust and knowing of all that I Am and all that I know. It connected me to the divine in me, the divine in others and made me remember. I remember a lot now!!!
The energy is different. If someone is open and willing the results are likely to be deeper and instantly activated in their day to day experience. Instantly life changing if it’s allowed.
Also once I went there with you, now it’s easier for me to do on my own. It is really really beautiful work Michael. So inspired and grateful! – Amy L.

“I wanted to reach out and tell you how amazing our session was. I’m still processing but I’m beyond impressed and intrigued by the process and your personal gifts. I felt like you were so focused on me, on hearing me and understanding and helping me see what I needed to see and that is so rare in this world so thank you. That in and of itself was healing. I came away with a new way of processing and seeing things in my life.” – R.S.

“I found Michael and the core work healing experience just at the right time! I was ready to give up on myself since nothing else had worked for me, I couldn’t shake the sadness and grief I had been carrying for as long as I can remember. With Michael’s help I was able to move through my pain and finally embrace it, I have never felt more free. Thank you thank you thank you!” – T.W.

“Michael, thank you for helping me help myself! The way you are able to see to the heart of a matter is truly a gift!” – J.B.

“I am so glad I gave energy healing a chance, I had been a skeptic of it for many years but Michael really is a Healer in every sense of the word. Thank you for sharing your healing gifts with humanity.” – W.R.

“Michael is a gifted, insightful and authentic healer.
Often times I’ll go into a session thinking I need to address A,B & C, but what I didn’t realize is that the problem is X,Y, and Z and somehow Michael has intuitively guided me there. His insight and ability to identify the root issue makes him a unique and highly efficient healer.I was stuck for some time churning the wheel, if you will, but after connecting with Michael I’ve found a new level of peace, happiness and calmness in my life that I’ve never had before.
If you’ve struggled with problems that haven’t been easy to resolve, I strongly recommend working with Michael. He helps you identify the core issue(s) in your healing process so you can align in ways you never expected, but are so very grateful for.” – M.S.

“The clarity I walked away with after one healing session with Michael was like nothing I have ever experienced before.”  – S.R.

“Michael, simply being in the presence of you beautiful energy was a healing experience for me. Thank you for helping me shift my entire experience and perspective of work and money into one of play and abundance. I no longer feel the pressure of the “rat race” and I am overwhelmingly grateful for you guidance.” – T.R.

“I am so grateful to have been able to experience a Core Work healing session with you Michael! I came away from our session with a stronger sense of self, freedom and peace than I had ever experienced before. I look forward to continuing our work together!” – W.T.

“I Am completely blown away by the Higher Self Activation I received with you Michael! There are no words to describe the peace and bliss I have been feeling ever since my activation. Everything makes sense in the most perfect way, I can feel real love for myself like I’ve never felt before. My family and friends have totally noticed a difference in me, people keep telling me I look 20 years younger! I feel so full of life and I am so grateful for this magic gift you are offering people. So grateful for you and your work.” – Jane Q.

“Thanks to the Higher Self Activation I experienced with you I now know what it means to be present and what it feels like to remember that I Am Love. I’ve still cant believe how much joy I am still feeling from our session together!” – Marques W.

“I’ve tried so many different types of therapies and healing modalities but nothing compares to the breakthroughs and healings I’ve experienced with Michael. His compassion, gifts and awareness make for a truly beautiful and safe space to heal, I am so grateful that I found Michael and The Core Work.” – B.R.

“Working with Michael and using The Core Work has transformed my life and the way I experience the world in the most profound ways. I started this work hoping to get rid of anxiety that had gotten to the point that I wasn’t enjoying or participating in my life any longer. After one session, I felt relief. After three sessions, what I had worked for over 5 years to be free of using other therapies was gone. It was just gone and replaced with a sense of calm and peace. My life really changed and it was just the beginning. Continuing this work has given me the gift of true and meaningful healing now in so many areas and living my life from a new and expanded awareness. I’m amazed at the transformation and so so grateful every time I reflect on the changes I’ve experienced. This work was the answer for me and without a bit of hesitation I would recommend it to anyone looking to heal and expand their life.” – A.L.

“I just had to thank you again for the healing session.
My heart is open! I can feel again! I can finally remember what it felt like to be me before the heartache set in. I feel so alive and so loved, its hard to put into words so I’ll just say that I am beyond grateful for you and this work. Bless You.” – Jennifer N.