(the most advanced healing technologies on the planet)

The Core Work Method is a super-charged healing technology that combines the ancient wisdoms of consciousness and healing with modern day advancements and understandings in quantum mechanics and energy fields. The core work experience packages all of these wisdoms into a powerful vehicle of instant healing and transformation. Through The Core Work Method you are able to fully recognize and instantly transcend the root cause of any physical, mental or emotional imbalances, thereby opening yourself up to experiencing the happy, healthy, and fulfilled life you know you deserve.

The Core Work Method is founded on principles based in science and spirituality, east and west, practical and creative, right brain and left brain. All of this comes together to create the most permanent healings available on the planet at this time. It is the result of decades of research and practice and has since provided tens of thousands of people worldwide with deep and lasting healing that has completely transformed their lives.

The Core Work Method can support you in any aspect of life, with any experience, feeling, thought or symptom. All topics can be addressed, discussed and healed in the light of pure awareness.

This healing method addresses both the practical and spiritual (or feeling) aspects of every person experiencing it. Experiencing this process will create changes and shifts in awareness on a mental and feeling level. Activating the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which make it possible to easily identify and release the limiting thoughts, belief, and patterns that have been in the way of you experiencing your most optimal life path right here and right now.

The experience is gentle, honest, loving and instant, so one must be ready for the changes it will start to bring into your life.

The Core Work Method leaves no stone unturned. Every aspect of the mind, body, spirit connection is addressed. It works in harmony with your own intuitive and organic ability to heal yourself and create massive quantum leaps of transformation, awareness and wholeness in an instant!

In each healing experience You are shown how to enter a deep and intentional state of ease and presence where the healing experience is felt in real time within your conscious and sub-conscious mind. This anchors the healing at the deepest levels of awareness which is why the healings and shifts are permanently in place after a core work session.

The Core Work Method was created by Emmanuel Dagher to feel like one of those life changing conversations you have with your very best friend. The empowering questions and visualizations used during the healing experience are designed to lead you more deeply into your own truth and self-healing abilities.

Thousands of people have confirmed that there is nothing quite like The Core Work Healing Experience. Its fast, effective and truly transformational on all levels.

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Higher Self Activation

(Please note that the Higher Self Activation is it’s own session different from The Core Work Healing Experience)

Imagine being able to connect with the part of your consciousness that knows exactly what you came here to do and be in this life.
Imagine what it would feel like to fully connect to the part of you that is pure unconditional divine love.

What questions would you ask the eternal part of your consciousness that has been there with you through every single experience you have ever been through?

Your Higher Self is the part of your consciousness that already knows precisely why things are the way they are in your reality, why you feel the way you do and how to align you with the flow of your greatest and highest good, instantly!

To connect to your Higher Self is to connect with Supreme Consciousness.

Your High Self only ever operates from The Oneness, The Beloved, Spirit, Source Energy, Pure Unconditional Love, The Divine. It goes by many names, what you call it and how you experience it is between you and the Divine.

During a Higher Self Activation all of this and so much more becomes available to you.

Beloved clients have been describing the experience as a profoundly awakening experience. This experience will tune you into your eternal (divine) remembrance. Ultimate clarity in all directions through all timelines and dimensions. The effects of the experience are seen and felt in your heart, mind, awareness, reality and energy field instantly.

During a Higher Self Activation any and every limiting thought and pattern is transcended, all that is not serving you will melt away in the presence of Divine Love. The creative power of the Universe itself will flood every aspect of your being right down to the genetic material you are made of.

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A Higher Self Activation is an experience that will profoundly activate your consciousness. Prepare for a quantum leap in your awareness as well as in your very sense of Being. Your vibration will be aligned with that of your Higher Self during the Activation and anchored into every cell in your body, your cells will respond instantly because they have this Divine Vibration stored in their memory, this Activation will connect you to your most pure and natural state of being.

Once the connection to you Higher Self has been established, you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to your Spirit.
This Activation will start to shift things in your experience and reality once you have decided to participate in it.

Co-creating an Activation

Through a meditative process we will journey into the deepest parts of your consciousness, activating the remembrance and awareness of your true divine nature.

Through the process we will be clearing any limiting beliefs, patterns and energies that have been blocking your connection to the divine aspects of yourself.

Once the connection is made we will call forth whatever healings, activations and clarity you are meant to receive from Spirit. We will allow your body to acclimate to the vibration of pure love and joy. You will be given the opportunity to speak to your Spirit and ask questions, receive guidance and/or request healing around specific topics.

Your Spirit will Always give you exactly what you need

We will also begin your integration process right away so that you can support the new vibration you will be resonating at and feel ready and excited about taking all that you have experienced and all that you truly are into your reality.

The Activation is permanently imprinted into all aspects of your Being. You will walk away a more fully awakened being of love and with a new sense of purpose; your eyes will be open like never before to all the beauty and magic in your life and in all your experiences. You will understand your relationships and behavioral patterns in new, fresh, loving and awakened ways. You will remember and feel to your very core that you are the creator of your reality, that you are love and that you are one with all things

 Each session is uniquely tailored to your own energy field, for your Greatest and Highest Good, In the light of Divine Universal Love.

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In honor and service of The One Universal Presence of Divine Love

Truly Yours,

Michael Pires  

Please Note: All sessions are done via Skype and a live recording is provided at the end of each session.

First time clients receive a discounted rate on all sessions.

I also offer Tarot and Mediumship sessions, feel free to reach out about these services as well!