A highly intuitive empath, Michael Pires has always been able to sense and feel people’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings on a very deep level.

He has always known that his passion in life was offering support, help, and guidance to help others feel better about their lives.

Michael’s compassion, spiritual awareness, and desire to help others all come together through his service as an energy healer, teacher, and transformational guide.

He has dedicated himself to helping people “move out of their own way” by using a proven method of energy healing.

Michael’s own journey of overcoming tremendous mental, emotional, and physical fears, struggles, addictions and pain in his own life has reinforced his passion for being of service to those looking to overcome their own challenges.

He is now powerfully inspired to assist others in moving past their struggles and into greater joy and love.

Raised in a conservative religious setting, Michael has always had a deep appreciation for spiritual growth, and a curiosity for expanding his spiritual understanding beyond the ideas he was raised with.

In his own words, “My mission in life is to leave all those I come into contact with feeling healed from the inside out.”

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“Michael’s gifts of healing and compassion have created some of the most radical miracles I have ever witnessed.”  

      – Emmanuel Dagher, international bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and creator of The Core Work©