“What happens during a Core Energy Therapy® session?”

You can either sit or lie quietly throughout your session (whether in person or remote).

Michael will ask a series of empowering questions uniquely designed for you. He will then work with you to begin resolving them by bringing in higher energies that enable you to shift your awareness, and heal instantly, at the core of your being.

For example: if you’re having money challenges, he might ask a question such as, “Are you willing to release any misconceptions or illusions you might have had about money and abundance?

“Are you willing to heal, release, and resolve all of those blocks now—to make your beliefs and ideas about money and abundance the same as your Higher Self’s beliefs—so that you now step into being your true self, who has always been completely abundant?”

You would of course say, “Yes!”

Michael would then channel the higher energies that go to the core of your limiting beliefs, old energy blockages, or any other inner obstacle, to dissolve and remove them for good.

That’s all it takes—answering a series of questions that unearth hidden beliefs and blockages that are keeping your higher good from coming to you, plus your own willingness to heal.

The energies do the rest!

You’ll find that lifetimes of trauma, energy blocks, and mental/emotional patterns that once limited you simply dissolve or move up to a much higher energy level.

You’re then freed to live your life more joyfully, freely, and abundantly.

Some people even find that they come in with one question or challenge, and later find that other issues were also healed or dissolved in that session!

“How long does a session last?”

Sessions are 45 minutes long.

“How soon can I see results?”

The results can be felt immediately, and will last as long as you allow them to.

The energies will continue to unfold in your life over the weeks and months that follow a session, healing you on a deep level in an ongoing way.

“What kinds of problems can Core Energy Therapy help with?”

Core Energy Therapy® was created specifically to dissolve our inner mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that can manifest outwardly as:

  • Relationship problems
  • Low self-esteem, including fear or hesitation about following our dreams and passions
  • Staying in unfulfilling jobs or relationships
  • Lack of money and other forms of abundance
  • Not living out our life purpose
  • Struggles with addiction of varying kinds
  • Feeling held back or weighed down by old resentments, trauma, anger, sadness, or lack of inner direction and motivation

The results of being cleared of old blocks and the traumas can result in:

  • An increased flow of money and abundance
  • Higher self-esteem and greater self-love
  • Being open and available to—and manifesting—more fulfilling relationships
  • Finding your true life work and fulfilling your dreams
  • Greater creativity and self-expression
  • Releasing old grudges, resentments, emotional pains, fears, and heartache
  • An easier and more joyful flow of physical and emotional energies
  • A release from the physical aches and pains created by energy blockages in heart, mind, body, or spirit

“Is it better to have a session in person, or are the results the same long distance?”

Because all the work is done in a purely energetic, non-touch way, sessions are equally effective, whether they’re done in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

Michael will ask you to describe the situations you would like to change in your life, and will read your energy intuitively.

The healing energies will flow through him to you, whether you’re in the room with him or speaking on the phone, thousands of miles away.

Phone and Skype sessions are recorded, and gifted to you in MP3 format.

“What does a session cost?”

45 minute session – $195

Discounts available on session packages. Please inquire for more information on these discounts.